Micki Buksar Cecil
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Artist Statement - Current Series Work.
My current work is a reflection on the past. I've come to realize that although my past work and each past series has a concrete concept, they all reflect memories. I started questioning my motivation and thought process - What was it that made me place particular objects within my paintings? Which ultimately led to - What triggers a memory? Although I've always had a love for using the found object, the object chosen in the moment must embody a feel and look particular to my thought and feeling at the time of placement. Working with encaustic enables me to tediously process the work in fragments and layers as I place, paint and ultimately create a past memory in tangible form.

This work in particular is about my fond memories as a child playing with my brother and cousins in the barn and on the grounds of my family's horse farm. In each piece I use my love of the found, the antiquated, and a palette of earth tones of weathered metals and wood.

Artist Statement - Mommy & Me.
The work of "Mommy & Me" is the culmination of collaborative work by five year old Reese Stefania Cecil and her mother Micki Buksar Cecil. Since the moment Reese was conceived she has been an inspiration and driving force behind Micki's work. Such series as the "Pacify Series" and the "Reese Series" were formed out of their bond and the love of mother and child. As in the "Reese Series" Micki collected Reese's markings and drawings from the moment she could create anything to use within layers of encaustic and paint. Now that Reese is older, the two of them work together discussing what will be created, making decisions of line and color and ultimately creating their work and characters. The work is full of fun and love and sealed within layers of wax.

Growing up in Michigan has inspired and allowed me to create work that reflects my love for nature’s colors and materials in the mediums I use. My work also results from series of agendas including topics and explorations in Baroque and Rococo architecture and design, labor and accomplishment, and the obsession of the found object. Ornate flourishes, the decorative arts and cubism inspire and influence the scrollwork in my creations. Becoming a mother has also had an impact on my pursuit of work that reflects family social issues, values and dynamics between parent and child - most importantly between mother and child.

I pursued a career in graphic design for many years after obtaining my first degree, an Associate in Applied Science, Graphic Design before returning to my education. In May 2010 I received my BFA in Fine Art and Art Education with Honors from College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI as well as the award for Senior Select in Fine Arts 2010. Currently, I teach art at Grosse Pointe South High School in Grosse Pointe Farms, MI. I also teach drawing, painting and sculpture periodically to student’s ages 6-15 years for CCS Continuing Education in Detroit, MI.

The materials and colors I use are derived from nature and mixed with mediums of acrylic, oil and found objects. My love for wax is evident in the encaustic mixtures I paint with and in my sculptures. The fluidity, feel and textures created with this medium allow me to use this natural material in my process driven work.

Ellis Island1, Ellis Island3 &
Ellis Island4 were purchased @ DAM for the set of the movie Vanishing on 7th Street