Micki Buksar Cecil
"Labor Lost""Labor Lost""Labor Lost""Labor Lost"
"Labor Lost"
The work shown is a piece from a series. The series deals with my desire to compartmentalize everything in my life. I create voids only to fill them. I create rules only to follow them. I create lists only to complete them. My life and thus my work must be structured and formal. It needs to be antiquated and give a sense of stability.

The materials I used resulted from a set of 19th century dairy farm barns. Still standing, I was allowed to take whatever I liked or whatever the structures would allow me take. The structures still stand, lonely and forgotten. I use these materials because of their strength and feel of a simpler time. A time when the day started at the crack of dawn and didn’t end until the sun went down; a time before modern technology, when technology didn’t disrupt instead of further advances.

The process of making the kindling was of importance and significant to the sense of hard labor. Some of my past work deals with natural materials and the significance of my childhood surrounded by and working with wood and natural elements. I strive to create this series based in part of those memories and invite the audience to remember the feeling of hard labor lost and accomplishment.